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    You can search keywords, Bot names, Server name, or Bot ID's! All fast due to our use of multiple APIs!

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    On a page you will find out about the server/bot plus the pages it is listed on! You will also find recommendations for Bot Owners!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Bot List?

NO! This is not a bot list but a website to connect the DiscordLists. Here you can find all the bots and servers on the lists we currently have!

How can I find my Bot?

You can search for your bot by ID or if it is on a Discord Bot List that we have, it will show up in the search.

What lists does this use?

At the moment we use a wide variety of lists and we use our Discord bot to fetch bots we can't find on lists!

The Bot page won't load

Because some lists have a ratelimit we try to keep requests per minute low. Try again in a minute!


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